Rita Hajj — Peritopia

If the counterculture of the 1960s contributed to the transition from modernism to post-modernism, can we then think that a new "post-Internet" era is born out of the appropriation of social networks as a diverted tool of the new media? Peritopia attempts to explore the elusive body language of the Internet, specifically that of Periscope, and seeks to define it today, starting from its beginning, in the 1990s, with the online live-streaming.

About Peritopia

Based on the Greek denotation, peri·topia [perí around + tóp(os) a place] means “around a place.”

Peritopia is an installation exhibiting a live performance re-enactment of gestures taken from the Periscope app and live-streamed back on the online platform.

About Periscope 

Periscope is the online live-streaming app acquired by Twitter. It was founded on the principle of broadcasting videos of local political and social manifestations of people to be shared around the world. However, it has become a tool of self-expression and self-representation for most of the users, allowing them to push the limits of their actions.

From/to Periscope loop

The performance of Peritopia consists of looping the gestures taken from the users of Periscope, by experimenting them in a public space, and then performing it as a mash-up in the installation space while simultaneously live-streaming it back on Periscope.

I. Periscope 
Observation of the Periscope users/scopers on the app, and choice of six gestures of six users.

II. Public Space

Gestures re-enactment in a public space: Geneva Panoramic Elevator.

III + IV. Installation

Mash-up performance of the gestures taken from Periscope, reinterpreted in the elevator, and live-streamed back to Periscope.


Rita Hajj — Peritopia

Si la contre-culture durant les années 1960 a contribué à la transition du modernisme au post-modernisme, peut-on alors penser qu’une nouvelle ère « post-Internet » est née de l’appropriation des réseaux sociaux comme un outil détourné des nouveaux médias ? Peritopia tente d’explorer le langage corporel évasive d'Internet, spécifiquement celui de Periscope, et cherche à le définir aujourd’hui depuis ses débuts, dans les années 1990, avec la diffusion en direct en ligne. 

À propos de Peritopia

Basé sur le sens grec, peri · topia [perí autour de + un endroit] signifie “autour d’un lieu.”

Peritopia est une installation sous forme d’une performance live qui présente une reproduction de gestes hétéroclites issus d’utilisateurs la plateforme en ligne Periscope.

À propos de Periscope

Periscope est une application de diffusion en direct acquise par Twitter. Elle est fondée sur le principe de la diffusion de vidéos de manifestations politiques et sociales, réunissant des gens du monde entier. Cependant, Periscope est devenue un outil d'expression et de représentation de soi pour la plupart de ses utilisateurs, leur permettant de repousser les limites de leurs actions. 

De/au Periscope boucle

La performance de Peritopia consiste à mettre en boucle des gestes d’utilisateurs de Periscope, en les expérimentant en premier lieu dans un espace public, et en les performant sous forme de mash-up dans l’espace de l’installation tout en les retransmettant en direct sur Periscope.

I. Periscope

Observation des utilisateurs/scopers sur l'application de Periscope, et choix de six gestes de six utilisateurs, à partir de la plateforme.

II. Espace public

Reconstitution de gestes dans un espace public : Ascenseur panoramique de Genève.

III + IV. Installation

Performance en mash-up des gestes pris de Periscope réinterprétés dans l'ascenseur, et retransmis en direct sur Periscope.

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Exhibition Extime at Live In Your Head

Thursday 20 September 2018 to Saturday 20 October 2018

HEAD, Bâtiment Général-Dufour
Espace d'exposition | Cinéma Salle Robert Kramer
Rue de Hesse 5, 1204 Genève

Extime curated by Charlotte Laubard, Head of Visual Arts Department HEAD-Genève, featured the work of Deborah Holman, Rita Hajj, Lauren Huret, Carisa Mitchell, Marie Mottaz, Arttu Palmio, Nelson Schaub

who wants all to be li - ving → who will speak up → but who will not bring together one coherent sentence clouded by anger → who will be overwhelmed at the emotional toll → and who will stay in bed for days in a hard spiral → who will get about 5 DMs an hour from the ally types that just like to talk after its gone up → because you’ll be seen with the silent likes → until its pulled her to the ground and spewed her out again → gotta stay calm in a spiral still → to get up again → in a soft spiral → that goes upwards, upwards → upwards always
(Deborah Holmann)


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Peritopia, 2018

Graduation Show 

L 700 x P 400 x H 280cm

Smartphone, wood, haze machine, two ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, red filters, two video projectors, two PVC screens, two mac minis, black fabric. 

Mathew Andraos

Photography credits:
©HEAD-Genève_Michel Giesbrecht
©HEAD-Genève_Raphaelle Mueller
©Yara Kazan
©Rita Hajj

Special thanks to:
Lab-of-Arts Association, Régis Bagdassarian, Fabio Bergamaschi, Helena Bosch, Sergio Jaramillo Buitrago, Sara Dominguez Carlucci, Chun Hua Chien, Enrique Corrales, Damien Delille, Claire Dessimoz, Beatriz Granado, Oliver Graney, Marguerite Humeau, Rosario Hurtado, Yara Kazan, Naoyuki Kiyota, Blanche Lafarge, Oscar Lhermitte, Arno Mathies, Malak Mebkhout, Alexandra Midal, Jessica Maria Nassif, Jeanne Pasquet, Fidel Peugeot, Eleonora Pizzini, Joseph Popper, Laura Potter, Felipe Ribon, Sonia Rickli, Netillo Rojas, Dominic Robson, Artscenique Sarl, Alexandre Simian, Noam Toran, Théâtre de l’Usine, Jonathan Moy De Vitry, Nick Williamson, Mathias Zieba. 

LiveInYourHead Exhibition

Curated by Charlotte Laubard

L 600 x P 500 x H 400cm

Smartphone, wood, haze machine, two ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, red filters, two video projectors, two PVC screens, two mac minis, black fabric.  

Mathew Andraos

Photography credits:
©HEAD-Genève_Michel Giesbrecht
©HEAD-Genève_Raphaelle Mueller 

Video Credits:
Eva Zorino 

Special thanks to:
Régis Bagdassarian, Helena Bosch, Simone Holliger, Rosario Hurtado, Yara Kazan, Katrin Kettenacker, Blanche Lafarge,
Charlotte Laubard, Arno Mathies, Aurélien Martin, Jessica Maria Nassif, Xavier Plantevin, Artscenique Sarl, Alexandre Simian, Stéphane Taillandier, Jonathan Moy De Vitry. 


2018 — Peritopia exhibited at LiveInYourHead during the show "Extime," curated by Charlotte Laubard in Geneva, Switzerland
2018 — Online courses on Node Curatorial Studies, including: Curating on the Web: Exhibiting Internet-based Art with Tina Madsen
2019 — Participation in The Whole: Archives and Reality program, as part of the HKW project The New Alphabet and in cooperation with Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden museum, in Dresden, Germany
2019 — Peritopia, installation to be exhibited during Spielact Festival, in Geneva, Switzerland
2019 — Online exhibition proposal for Two Gees in Eggs (TGIE), the online platform of the art gallery One Gee In Fog(OGIF), in collaboration with Mathieu Arbez Hermoso and OGIF team, in Geneva, Switzerland


Peritopia only intends to showcase general and honest reactions towards a performance that is replicated from an online source; Periscope, in order to compare the digital reactions of the viewers with the ones in the material space, as well as shining the light, in a face value way, on what happens on online spaces.

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Periscope: @periperilicious