Using a documentary, a spatial installation and a coffee stand to open a debate, Reconstruction proposes a participative memorial about the geopolitical conflict in Colombia. From footage filmed in rural communities of Antioquia, Colombia, the project exposes the social and material reconstruction process taking place as a participative memorial that engages different publics into a discussion about the reconstruction of historical memory and the possible forms of a memorial during an ongoing geopolitical conflict. It is an attempt that could potentially serve to elevate the individual and the collective memory of these rural regions and to provide a window into these experiences for the rest of the world. 


The installation

“A country without memory” (7 min) 

An edited, synchronised triptych video installation with the footage gathered in Antioquia, Colombia creates an immersive audiovisual experience. It invites the public to contemplate these spaces and the reasons as to why they appear so decayed, all while accompanied by the original sound, which strongly contrasts with the images. 


The documentary

“If Walls Could Talk” (28min) 

Between 1999 and 2005 thousands of people were killed and millions forcefully displaced in the rural communities of Colombia by the brutal conflict between national armed forces, paramilitary groups and guerrilla groups. Almost 15 years after, many of the displaced victims are returning to reconstruct their destroyed and abandoned homes. 


The debate

Panel discussion following the documentary projection at the Cinema Spoutnik the 1/05/18 with the intervention of multi- disciplinary specialists: 

  • Daniel Orson Ybarra: Artist

  • Jose Marin Gonzales: Anthropologist – Alfredo Camelo: Psychotherapist

  • Jasmina El Boudouhi: Anthropologist 

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.21.21.png
Sergio Jaramillo

© HEAD — Genève / Raphaëlle Müller

Script/direction/filming/editing — Sergio Jaramillo
Soundtrack — Adoracion

Espace Hippomène, Geneva - 2018

Special thanks to: 
The communities of San Luis, Granada and Buenos Aires in the east region of Antioquia, Colombia
Dominic Robson, Rosario Hurtado, Jhon Velez, Arno Mathies, Oliver Graney

Official Selection:
XII. Istanbul Internatıonal Archıtecture and Urban Fılms Festıva
X. Festival de Cine Corto de Popayán