We are Criminals — Studio Project

What constitutes a crime? Is crime defined by action, omission or even just thought? Does crime define its space? Decriminalised spaces or criminal havens? Is it a crime if there is no punishment? Is there such a thing as the perfect crime? Are we all criminals today? Who is policing?  Part-time criminality or full-time criminals? Are criminal organisations micro-societies? Are Governments criminal organisations? Temporary Autonomous Zones or Permanent Autonomous Zone?

We are all criminals introduced students to the notion of a design essay — a combination of physical work and theoretical reflections — as a potential outcome for a design project.


We are Criminals — Projet d’atelier

Qu'est-ce qui constitue un crime? Un crime est-il défini par une action, une omission ou juste une pensée? L’espace définit-il le crime ?  Espaces décriminalisés ou espaces pour criminels? Un crime existe t-il sans punition? Le crime parfait existe t-il? Sommes-nous des criminels aujourd'hui? Qui fait la police? Sommes-nous tous des criminels à temps partiels ou des criminels à plein temps? Les organisations criminelles sont-elles des sociétés à part entière? Est-ce que les gouvernements sont des organisations criminelles? Zones autonomes temporaires ou zones autonomes permanentes? 

"We are criminals" a introduit les étudiants à la notion d’essai en design : la combinaison d'une approche pratique et d’une réflexion théorique – pour produire un projet design.


Project Structure

El Ultimo Grito.

CRIME, a self-published newsprint posted to students before the beginning of the academic year with a selection of essays to introduce the project and to serve as the basis for the Crime Conference.

Crime Conference: 
Organised and hosted by Alexandra Midal.

Judith Ickowicz, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Stéphane Bourgouin and Cristina Ricupero.

Generative Research lead by Dominic Robson
Generating creative outputs throughout the research stage in order to analyse complex ideas.

Development of Conceptual Framework lead by Noam Toran. Emphasising the translation of research into outcomes and the translation of outcomes into Theory through the production of films.

Written Essays lead by Yves Mirande. Exploration of narrative as part of the design construct.

Film Spaces lead by Gabriel Klasmer. Designed as part of the one night only cinematic experience at Pavilion Sicli.



We are criminals, 2014


Tutors and collaborators:
El Ultimo Grito — Rosario Hurtado & Roberto Feo
Gabriel Klasmer
Yves Mirande
Dominic Robson
Noam Toran

Design Essays:
Shaima Abdelazim Babikir Ahmed
Lucas Bertinotti
Anissa Charef
Anastasia Karpova
Céline Mosset
Annja Müller
Agathe Pautrot
Anne-Sophie Richard
Fabio Stefanoni
Monika Steiger
Morgane Zueger
Saskia Zurcher

Work in progress photography:
Annja Müller

Technical Support:
Mathieu Castella, Romain Chappet and Marguerite Humeau

Special Thanks to:
Jean-Pierre Greff, Alexandra Midal

Maguerite Humeau

© HEAD — Genève / Dylan Perrenoud